Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Father's Keeper...

I found out from my publisher that Smashwords now has a no nip (and no bum, I guess) policy. Which means I either have to have the cover for Father's Keeper overhauled or it won't be available. I still haven't decided what I truly want to do but for the time being, it is totally available (nip and bum, all!) at Amazon (print and Kindle), at Barnes and Noble, at Fictionwise and, of course, at Excessica's home site (I think I might now be in the EDEN part of the store mostly). I am a little peeved, to be honest, since this woman is in shadow and you see much more than this in paintings in museums. But whatever, I guess I'll continue to ponder whether or not I want to overhaul a cover I adore in order to be in a single venue when others will carry me without issue.

I think I might have answered my own damn question right there ;-)


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