Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Soon...Again

Due to the sad closure of my former publisher for this book, Games is being re-released with my main publisher Excessica. A superb new cover by Willsin Rowe is part of this event too. Does he do any other kind, I ask? :-)

Games will be available at Excessica but also at numerous other sites. It will, in fact, have a broader sales base than before. So if you haven't read it and were curious, now's the time to snag it. It's pretty and fresh as a daisy. A dirty, dirty daisy ;-D

I also have another novella dropping late summer, if I'm correct. I guess I should check that schedule right? [nervous laugh]. But it promises to be on the hit list for any taboo haters, I'm sure. Which tells you it's one of my favorites ever. Because I'm evil that way.


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