Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coming this month!

Between Dusk and Dawn, the third Sin Alley book is due out March 29th from Excessica. For some obvious reasons [twins in a sexual situation] the book will not be available at any site that shuns incest/pseudo incest/the thought of incest/a hint of incest/or just the word incest. It will be available through the Excessica Eden site (go to the regular site and then click on EDEN for taboo books. About half of mine are there) as well as other vendors.

For now, here's a hint:

Steven is a switch. He likes his time doling out pain and pleasure as much as he likes being punished and rewarded. One night in Sin Alley can fulfill his craving for both dominance and submission. Once darkness falls he searches for his fantasy, and he’ll find what he’s looking for between dusk and dawn.

As usual the stellar cover is by Willsin Rowe.
Hope it's bright and sunny wherever you are...but if you're like me you probably saw some snow earlier today! Spring, my ass.