Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some of you may have heard about Amazon pulling incest-related erotica. So, I've been reading a lot of the uproar and there is a string or whatever you call it on Twitter with the hash tag #amazoncensors.

I won't lie, this could affect me with my titles like Uncle Ed's Lap and the upcoming Father's Keeper. UEL is 'incest' in so far as it is a younger woman falling for her older widowed uncle (by marriage) and Father's Keeper is a long buried crush on a stepfather that emerges in adulthood and turns to an affair. Both are technically incest, in my understanding, so I guess theoretically, they too could disappear from Amazon at any moment (well, not FK as it's not there yet).

Selena Kitt blogs about this much more eloquently than I am managing right now on TSPR site and it's been covered on several sites including Teleread and Slashdot. Read up and weigh in if you feel they've gone too far.

I can say this, I've read graphic rape/murder/torture etc scenes or full chapters about gory serial killer murders and basically step by step instructions on how to commit a horrible crime that bother me way more than a grown man deciding he wants to have an affair with his step mom. Either way, if you feel the urge to speak up, join the Twitter stream, contact Amazon and have your voice heard, blog it, whatever you feel is right. Because without us (the customer) there is no Amazon. If enough people speak up, maybe they'll stop picking and choosing at random what is 'appropriate' and what is not. If there is going to be a morals code, it needs to be clear, concise and listed for all to read, understand and FOLLOW.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Click Me, Friend Me, Follow Me...Whatever The Kids Are Calling It These Days

Howdy, all. Hope you are well on this frigid Tuesday. We're currently on the East Coast and it is, well...Brrrr sums it up.Check Spelling

I'm playing around with Goodreads right about now. I have screwed it up three times or so. I'll get it. I've contacted them to let them know that I am in fact, well, myself, and to let me have my page. I hear they work pretty fast, so hopefully soon I'll have control of my author page.

What is my point (it seems obvious I need more coffee :) )? My point is, if you are a Goodreads reader be my friend, click my button, follow me, whatever the kids are calling it these days. I was shocked to see how many ratings I already had. And most good. Which makes me heart happy.

Back to work. We leave within the hour.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you hunting?

There are priiiiii-zes. Some of them are from me :) Go here.

Putting finishing touches on the erratas for Father's Keeper. Very excited! Is it February yet?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coming Soon

[lordy, I love saying that ;) ] to print! ~~~~~~~~~>


Monday, September 13, 2010


Last night I got a no on a short story. It's one of those iffy shorts that I knew wouldn't work for everyone, but still...a no is a no is a no. Then this morning I tripped over this doing my morning coffee cruise around the internet. I have so much unpacking and washing to do that traipsing around online seems that much more appealing. Anyway, wow! Talk about balance. A no that was sort of disappointing and then a review that was so wonderful!

I'm so, so pleased and the reviewer nailed my own emotions about Julianne. I love when I can tell that someone really got the tone of a piece. It makes me feel all sunny inside. Almost makes me forget how much laundry is in there to be done. And how much sand has been magically transported into my house. :D


Friday, September 3, 2010

Can you find them all?

SEPT 1 – SEPT 30

eXcessica is giving away TWO Kindle 3 eBook Readers with wi-fi AND they will be already pre-loaded with dozens (75+!) of eXcessica eBooks (list of erotic books that will come with the Kindle 3 on the site).

Our scavenger hunt runs from Sept 1 – Sept 30, 2010 and each “found” icon earns you an entry! Can you find them all? For more details on the hunt click the image above. Happy hunting!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coming In January 2011

Going home again can be hard. Especially when your mom has left your step-father and you've got a tag along boyfriend in tow. But going home can also teach you a lot about who you are. And what you want...

Coming January '11 to Excessica



Friday, August 20, 2010

"Once you read this story you will instantly become a fan of Parker Ford!"

Srsly. Big huge thanks to Claudia at Manic Readers for this review. It made my very long and very busy week. :) Go read it for yourself!

I was worried about reviewers' takes on Games as it is such an intense and risky book (in my opinion). So far, so good (knock wood).


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a very unexpected~

very sweet review of Uncle Ed's Lap up at Coffee Fueled Erotica (written by the clever Willsin Rowe). I can only read that kind of review once or I feel my head swelling. So, so nice. I'm flattered. :)


Friday, July 30, 2010


It's so pretty. FICTION is out today on Excessica's site and various vendors.

Good way to start a Friday. Now I have a mountain of unpacking to do. And then we have to wash that mountain. [grumble-mumble-sigh]


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Uncle Ed's Lap is now in print. Available on Amazon. Under ten bucks. Score! Can't wait to hold my copies in my greedy little hands. :)


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Up for best cover!

Uncle Ed's Lap is up for best cover at HEA reviews. Won't you go vote? Voting runs until the 8th. I didn't design the cover (I wish!), Selena Kitt did, but I think it's the best. It's one of my favorite covers ever. :)


Friday, June 25, 2010

Double the interviews, double the fun...

While we were out basking--and by basking I mean frying--in the sun that shone down fiercely during our latest trip, I was interviewed not once...but twice! (man that is a hell of a sentence, yeah?)

Firstly, Lux Zakari asked a few questions along her Dirtyville/Kinkyville interview route. And hey, I answered. Look at me go :) And then I see from my mail this morning that I am the interview spotlight at 1 Romance Ebooks this week.

Now I have to go find the aloe lotion and pack. Again. This time I'm taking more sunscreen. Stay cool.


Monday, June 14, 2010


Has seriously reviewed both of my books! A great review for Uncle Ed's Lap and a staggering review for Games. Much appreciated. I can't hardly believe all the good words on my work lately. :)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

If I could kiss this reviewer...I would!

Such a great review at Happily Ever After Reviews for Uncle Ed's Lap. I swear, I got a little teary eyed. What a great way to end a lazy weekend in the sun. We're actually at home for a week or two. :) Five tea cups! Now I want tea, but iced of course.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Excerpt from Games

And would they really do it? That was the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Would they?

Somewhere in her, she believed they would.

“Are we walking around or sneaking out the back?” Brett said, almost to himself.

She squeezed his hand. “If we go down that back hall and past the restrooms, there’s the alley,” she whispered to her coconspirator in crime. Possibly a crime against themselves, against each other.

We’re doing this together and we are the only two players. Breathe you dimwit . . .

“Good girl,” Brett said, his lips pressed to her hair. “You’re so fucking smart. I want to put my hands under that skirt and get you off right here, in this crush of drunken people and college kids and locals. I want to fuck you with my fingers until you clutch that bar and beg me to take you.”

He said all of this into her ear, his breath hot, his voice soft.

Alexandra felt her knees sag a bit. His dirty confession was completely unexpected.A
breathtaking blindside that made her feel that at any moment her ligaments and muscles would give up the ghost and she would fall.

“God, stop.” But she didn’t mean it.

He handed her a beer, grinning. “Drink up.” He tipped his cold beer mug to hers and she shivered at his mouth on the rim. His mouth always did weird things to her insides if she let herself watch him.

“Cheers,” Alexandra said. “To liquid courage.”

Brett kissed her lips and said into her ear, so only she could hear. “And back alley blow jobs and my gorgeous little whore of a wife.”

Alex trembled, a nervous laugh flying off her lips to be recognized only by Brett. All the others were ignoring them. For now.

As soon as she started to feel the effects of the beer, she squeezed Brett’s hand. A cluster of smokers had pushed out the back door into the alley, so she knew there was an audience and they would be seen—that was the point.

“Last chance to bail,” he said, kissing her full force, putting their mugs on the bar and pulling her into him so she could feel the hard rod of his cock in his black jeans. “I won’t say a word if it’s no. I won’t. You’re safe with me.” He kissed her harder.

She knew she was and that was exactly why Alexandra tugged his hand and pulled him to the long narrow hallway that smelled like spilled beer, cigarettes and urine from the restrooms. Under the dark smell of the hallway lilted the earthy scent of pot and the dirty street odor of the city. Alexandra pushed the door back with her bottom. Her skirt raising up for a second, the warm splintery wood caressing the bare backs of her thighs for a moment.

When they hit the alley they were both so wound up, so head over heels turned on it was almost as if no one was really there after all. But others were there. A few men were lounged against the alley wall about six feet away. Two more smoked over by a dumpster. All within good view of the couple and what they were about to do. But to Alex it was as if they were the only two bodies in that filthy cobblestone alley.

Brett pushed her flush to the brick wall. His hands inching under her short blue skirt—gas flame blue, cobalt blue, the blue of his first Chevy he always told her. His mouth pushed against hers, his tongue bullying hers until she simply caved, letting him direct the kiss and pull her under. She bent to his will as he pushed his fingers under her small skirt and started to rub her clit through her panties. Never ever breaking that kiss.

She heard one of the onlookers grunt—almost pig-like—and when Brett pushed his fingers past the tiny elastic barrier of her panties and shoved his fingers deep into her pussy, she nearly came that second. Instead he kissed her harder and another man coughed softly while still another laughed.

Friday, May 28, 2010

moving on up

The release date for Fiction has been moved up! I am not complaining. Look for it at Excessica on July 9th!

Happy Friday.


Friday, May 21, 2010


I love using Kindle as a verb. Games has been Kindled. What a great thing to say. TGIF and have a great weekend.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010


It's out! Isn't it pretty? Available right now on the Republica Press site and on All Romance ebooks. Coming soon to Kindle etc. :)

After more than a decade of marriage it comes down to honest exploration. Two of his fantasies, two of hers. Four games total before they're all done. What starts as common fodder for sexual fantasy escalates with each scenario as Brett and Alexandra delve deeper into their urges. Each game grows more intense until they wonder if they are pushing the limits of their marriage.

Ultimately, the question for Brett and Alexandra is this: Will their games put a wedge between them forever or bring them even closer together?

Warning: This work contains public sex, non-consent, f/f sex, m/m/f sex, abduction scenarios, corporal punishment and explicit sex and language.

Thursday, May 6, 2010



Cannot wait. Truly. :)

p.s. my hair is blue (temporarily). how cool is that?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow, I'm beyond thrilled. My next novella FICTION was accepted by my publisher eXcessica. I think I'm possibly flirting with a late December release, but it might not be until the New Year. So fingers crossed and we shall see.

I've also received some other good news about a different project with a different publisher, but more on that later.

Annnnnnnd, the Amazon review I was mourning on my last blog has shown up again. So it wasn't lost after all. Which is a reason to smile--at least to me.

I'm shocked to say that Uncle Ed's Lap is still a featured read and on the top 20 list at Bookstrand where it's been since its release! And I've rec'd some nice ratings on All Romance Ebooks and it's still top taboo erotica on Fictionwise and wow...I had no idea anyone would know it was out, so I am truly flattered.

Hope your Monday is well.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

super sad...

My publisher reloaded a bunch of books and mine was one (for a very good reason! trust me! it's in my favor so love to them). The only problem was I lost my fantastic 5 star review from a reader. Trust me, if I had known in advance, I'd have taken a screen shot. I also lost all my tags. So, the book is selling again. But if you've read it and you liked it, could you take two minutes and rate it or tag it? I'd be eternally grateful. Truly! I will be grateful all the way into the afterlife. And I'll give you a kiss. :)

Here's an excerpt, btw. I've been meaning to do it.

Fantasies were just fantasies. You didn't have to act on them. Right?

I busied myself cleaning the kitchen. Bachelors suck at cleaning. So do young coeds but hey, I was bored and my mother Marie had taught me well. Cleanliness was next to godliness, plus if you threw yourself into it, it could make the afternoon fly in an blink. I ate cucumbers from the garden with homemade ranch sauce uncle had made the night before for dinner. That was all I really had the stomach for. I poured a big glass of lemonade and downed it in four long swallows. Then I started rearranging the cabinets and wiping down the liners. The worst chore I could imagine from my growing up years. Now it seemed to soothe me.

"Wow. I had no idea I would come home to such a tight ship," he said from the doorway. I jumped, a china plate shattering at my feet. A thousand tiny jagged teeth of china scattered around me on the red tile floor. Barefoot and in turquoise shorts instead of jeans, I was pretty much fucked. "Shit, I'm sorry, Fiona." He colored when he said my name aloud and my cunt responded with tightening warmth. "You're bleeding."

I looked at my calf where a thick nearly black rivulet of blood trickled slowly down my leg. "It's no big deal. Just as shard. But I am kind of...stuck." I shrugged, feeling horribly stupid. "I'm so sorry. I can go on ebay and try to replace it. I'm such a klutz!" I felt like I might start sobbing right then from frustration.

"Hey, I scared you. Don't talk about ebay or any of that. Stay there. I'm gonna grab you and take you in the dining room, then I'll clean up this mess."

His work boots crunched over the china shards as he picked me up and carried me out. He set me on the table and put my foot on one of the ladder back chairs. "Let me get the bandages."

I nodded, suddenly feeling little and helpless again. Letting him care for me the way he had when I was a little girl and I'd skin my knee. He caught that far away look when he came in. "You okay? You're not cut anywhere else are you?"

I looked. "Nope. Just there. Not too shabby considering the immense mess I made."

"We made," he amended. "You never would have dropped it if I hadn't startled you." He wiped the cut with a wet cotton ball. Wet with alcohol it seemed because fire bloomed in the cut and I hissed. "Easy, be good," he said, smiling. He blew on the cut to cool the sting. Just like old times. Only now, the feel of him blowing on my skin made my pussy keep a wet tempo with my heartbeat.

"Ugh," I said.

"Sorry it stings. It will be over in a minute. Promise."

I could only nod.

He squeezed a gem sized squirt of antibiotic lotion on and covered it with a big square bandages. "To keep it all covered," he said. His fingers smoothing the flesh colored cloth covering made me shift on the table. I felt trapped by his presence, the very hugeness of him and my pulse jumped at my throat from a mix of excitement and fear. So close like this I could picture him beating off to me. As close as we were, I could picture his hands pushing my legs apart. I could imagine a million scenarios I shouldn't. "Thanks," I managed.

"You sure you're okay?" He turned my chin so I had to look at him. I nodded and swallowed hard.

"Yeah," I said, thinking inside, God, just kiss me, kiss me already, kiss me and then touch me and we'll pretend it never ever happened, I swear...

It took a second for it to register his hands on my thighs, his long finger splayed out so they pointed like traitors to my pussy. Uncle Ed leaned in, his lips brushed mine so softly it was more like a kiss of wind than a person. I opened my mouth, spread my legs, begging him with my body. More.

I buried my hands in his too shaggy hair--I'd try to make sure I scheduled him a cut--and pulled him in tighter, closing my legs around his hands and scooting forward just a touch. I wouldn't think that I shouldn't do this. I'd think about how good and right it felt. Fuck feeling shamed.

"Fiona, I shouldn't..."

"I know...I do, but..." His fingers slipped over the hot moist V at the crotch of my shorts. I broke off in moan. It was like being burned, electrocuted, smacked so hard the blood seems like acid when it rises to the surface. I wanted his touch so bad that just a fingertip made my mind go red and my heart skip wildly.

"Don't make that sound," he said, but swept another finger along where the first had been. Two fingers running soft patterns over the crotch of my snug shorts. Over my pussy. Fuck. Directly over my clit.

"Sorry," I said. I tried, but another sound, deeper and more needy slid off my lips into the air.

Uncle Ed shook his head, no, no, no. But he popped the blue button of my shorts and tugged at the zipper. I raised up, shimmied, helped him get them off. He tossed them as he pulled at my panties and the shorts landed on the secretary. My tank was snatched off with ease. I don't wear bras, usually. "Spread your legs for me, Fiona," he said.

A hot rush of fluid puddled between my legs, and his fingers played through it like he was painting me. My head fell back and I sank into the feel of him. His mouth on my nipple. He kissed me and shushed me all at once. Like a child, like something precious. I watched his dark head as he kissed a path from my breast to my belly button. I arched up, trying to be quiet like he wanted when his mouth found my pussy and he sucked. His mouth was impossibly hard and then impossibly soft and then a tongue of perfect blazing wetness over my clit. "Oh, Uncle." I wanted to tell him how good it felt, how good he was. How perfect his mouth was on me and how it was what I wanted. So bad. What I needed--so much.

"Shh, Fiona. Don't."

So I didn't. I curled my fingers around the edge of the table and I held on. The bright afternoon sun trickled through the slats of his blinds and splashed across my belly. His dark head worked between my legs, I touched his hair, arching my pelvis to meet his mouth, greedy little girl wanting him to lick her. "I'm going to"

He shoved his fingers into me, curling and pressing against all the singing nerves. I gasped, my belly muscles rippling with my orgasm and my effort to hold myself up. I didn't bother. I lay back, giving over to him completely as he fucked me with his fingers, licked me with his tongue. Uncle Ed pushed my legs wide like a slut and attacked me with is mouth, he kept going, raking his dripping tongue over my clit. "Give it to me, one more, Fiona," he demanded and sucked my clit hard. Tiny purple spots filled my vision and I came for him again.

"Oh, uncle Ed, I--"

But he was standing, his face angry, his shoulders heaving. He wiped the shiny evidence of my juicy pussy from his face and I felt suddenly wrong. Bad. I had never felt more naked.

I just wrapped up my latest work and I'm still waiting to hear on a few things. I have some proofreading in my near future and some allergy pills. Everywhere we've been lately everything's been yellow. Crazy. Achoo!

~Amazing Kiss Image found here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Thanks to Manic Readers for reviewing me. Four stars, no less.

"I really hope Uncle Ed's Lap is not the last book Parker Ford writes, because I will be first in line to get my hands on more of her work. Bravo Ms. Ford, this is a wonderful, erotic, enticing, and heartfelt story that left me breathless for more."

Super happy dance.


Daddy's Bad Girl...

is my story and Kinkyville is the book. Out yesterday/today! :D


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Four Divas :)

Dark Diva Reviews Dark Diva Reviews reviewed my book and gave me four Divas. Dakota had some really nice things to say! To see the full review go here.

While this is Ms. Ford’s first release for Excessica Publishing, I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future and hopefully getting the chance to review it.



Saturday, March 27, 2010

as nervous as barney fife!

but dammit not as skinny! Why am I nervous? I submitted my next book and a short to an anthology and now I have to wait. And wonder. I hate waiting but often love wondering, unless it's wondering if I passed muster. :)

Happy to report that Uncle Ed's Lap has stayed at the top of one list and risen on another. Also it's generally dong well~which still floors me a bit. And some very sweet person gave me five stars on Amazon and a really nice review. It almost distracts me from the waiting and wondering.

We're hitting the road again this week but I'll have my laptop to write!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm really happy

As we speak Uncle Ed's Lap is #1 in Taboo Erotica at Fictionwise, #13 at Bookstrand, and #9 at Excessica. I am so happy! My little book's doing way better than I'd ever even dared to think.

I know it can change in a blink, for better or worse, so I'm just going to enjoy it while it's here!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pretty neat...

To see myself in a newsletter. I looked at it a few times. LOL.

Working on a new project, enjoying what seems to be the birth of spring as we roam. More roaming coming soon, but there's sun now. And flowers if you know where to look.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Release Day!

I'm so excited. It's out! I don't have more to say that yippee and yahoo! :D

Fiona volunteers to help her recently widowed uncle get his house in order before starting her freshman year of college. Uncle Ed and aunt Carole are two of her favorite people in the world. While trying to help her grieving uncle, she doesn't expect her school girl crush to turn into a torrid affair, but it does. She doesn't expect him to want her at all, but he does, more than he can handle. And as her uncle struggles with the thoughts of wanting and having his niece in so many ways, Fiona struggles to show him that it's all okay. That she's not a little girl any more.

Warnings: This title contains explicit sex and language, incest, spanking, shades of erotic asphyxiation, bondage, elements of non-consent.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not long now...

It comes out March 15th. I'm so excited!

Fiona volunteers to help her recently widowed uncle get his house in order before starting her freshman year of college. Uncle Ed and aunt Carole are two of her favorite people in the world. While trying to help her grieving uncle, she doesn't expect her school girl crush to turn into a torrid affair, but it does. She doesn't expect him to want her at all, but he does, more than he can handle. And as her uncle struggles with the thoughts of wanting and having his niece in so many ways, Fiona struggles to show him that it's all okay. That she's not a little girl any more.

The book's full page can be found here.

I've also recently submitted to an anthology. Fingers crossed. Normal life is hectic and there's still a lot of snow everywhere we go, but Spring is on the way. So they say...


Friday, February 5, 2010

blog: FAIL

epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails

I'm not much of a blogger as you can see. But I am still super excited about my book Uncle Ed's Lap that comes out very soon from eXcessica! I'm currently working on a story for a short call and a myriad of other things. On the road off and on and right now around--well, everywhere--we are finding a lot of snow!

Be warm, everyone. Read some porn. :)