Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've been a bad, bad girl...

homemade christmas tree

It’s been so long since I posted I even have a new book out now! Cry Little Sister came out a few months back (eek! I feel bad saying that). It’s taboo, pseudo incest and as usual, is one of my highly unlikely love stories that make me so unbelievably happy to write.

Speaking of taboo stuff, I heard through the grapevine at Excessica that Fictionwise will be closing this month. That saddens me as my work (for the most part) is considered taboo and always sold pretty well there. Now that iTunes has taken the ax to even pseudo incest work (such as Uncle Ed’sLap, Father’s Keeper etc where non blood relations are not just falling in love but getting it on) as well as some other places, it’s particularly sad to see Fictionwise close.

The good news is even taboo work like mine can still be found (for now) at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords and of course the home of them all Excessica’s new Eden website (Eden is for banned, blocked and otherwise taboo works).

More good news is, as we speak (yes, even during the holiday season) and as we travel, I’m not just dragging along my better half, but my laptop too. And I’ve started a new series of novellas I hope to begin releasing in January from Excessica. I’m pretty excited. I’ve never done a related series before. But the first book started yammering in my head and the only way to shut it up was to write it. Upon finishing it, book two instantly began to talk. 

I think that’s it! Below you’ll find the blurb and a small excerpt from Cry Little Sister. Giving it some promo love is long overdue (again, I am so bad!). Also, have a wonderful Christmas! I hope you get to visit and enjoy as much of your family as happens to be on our travel list (which is a lot!). It seems a bit daunting, but I know for certain it will be fun.


Blurb from Cry Little Sister:

After the death of their father, Jordan moves home to help her brother put him to rest. He breaks the news one night that evidence has come to light that they might not actually be related. Which puts a whole new spin on the vivid sexual fantasies they’ve had for years. Fantasies about each other. There’s a very un-sibling-like attraction between Jordan and Gareth and it’s bubbling to the surface more and more with each day they spend together. A little knowledge can be powerful.

The question becomes, do they wait to sort it all out? Jordan wants to learn the pleasure of pain, and she knows her brother can teach her. Gareth is more than happy to give instructions, because he just wants Jojo, he’s wanted her for a very long time. So do they wait, or do they proceed, because…what if they’re wrong?

Warnings: This title contains pseudoincest, BDSM, spanking, anal sex, explicit sex and language.  


Jordan took a step back, ready to flee. Her brother’s voice slid along the air like thick smoke. He simply said, “Isabel, if you leave me tied here, don’t come back. Ever. Not drunk, not sober. Not horny. And certainly not because you’re craving the kind of pain with a pleasure chaser you know I can give you.”

Jordan watched her consider it. Even through the crack, she could see the woman waver. But at the last moment she turned on her heels, feet still bare, and stalked toward the door.

“I’ll be just fine,” she said with false bravado.

“I sure hope so,” Gareth said softly and yet it carried perfectly in the still home.

Jordan backpedaled into the bathroom and ducked behind the door just as Isabel flung the door open and stalked down the short hall toward the front of the house. Jordan just hoped the girl was too angry to notice her bag on the floor as she left.

Jordan held her breath and heard Isabel getting her stuff, presumably. And then there was no need to hold her breath to hear that front door slam. Which it did with a resounding boom.

She had two choices here—she could sneak past and pretend to come in, or she could just go and check on Gareth.

…craving the kind of pain with a pleasure chaser you know I can give you…
echoed in her head and she shook it off. What did that mean? But she didn’t even have time to consider the words or what they might mean because she heard the most bizarre thing ever.

Gareth. Laughing.

He was laughing his ass off in his bedroom, still buck naked and tied to his bed.

She damn near rolled her eyes. That was Gareth. Very little floored him and even less upset him. She hurried to help him out, realizing it would mean seeing him naked. Touching him while he was naked. Remembering what Isabel had apparently wanted from him.

All very confusing. So confusing and so oddly arousing, judging by the wetness of her panties, that all Jordan could do was not let herself consider any of it. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have it! Look what's been listed in the Coming Soon section at Excessica. My new book Cry Little Sister. Cover by the amazing Willsin Rowe.

I'm thrilled! I cannot wait until next week :)

Hope you're staying cool wherever you are. It seems to be hot no matter where we go lately.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Due to Smashwords no tits and ass (bare, that is) rule of late you will see a wishy-washy blog below about whether or not I wanted to do a new cover for the book just for one site. I ended up contacting my amazing publisher Selena Kitt to ask a question about tweaking the original cover and she surprised me by going above and beyond and coming up with this. Behold, the no naked T&A Smashwords version of Father's Keeper.

Go check out Selena, she's a talented cover artist but as a writer, she's da bomb ;-)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Soon...Again

Due to the sad closure of my former publisher for this book, Games is being re-released with my main publisher Excessica. A superb new cover by Willsin Rowe is part of this event too. Does he do any other kind, I ask? :-)

Games will be available at Excessica but also at numerous other sites. It will, in fact, have a broader sales base than before. So if you haven't read it and were curious, now's the time to snag it. It's pretty and fresh as a daisy. A dirty, dirty daisy ;-D

I also have another novella dropping late summer, if I'm correct. I guess I should check that schedule right? [nervous laugh]. But it promises to be on the hit list for any taboo haters, I'm sure. Which tells you it's one of my favorites ever. Because I'm evil that way.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Father's Keeper...

I found out from my publisher that Smashwords now has a no nip (and no bum, I guess) policy. Which means I either have to have the cover for Father's Keeper overhauled or it won't be available. I still haven't decided what I truly want to do but for the time being, it is totally available (nip and bum, all!) at Amazon (print and Kindle), at Barnes and Noble, at Fictionwise and, of course, at Excessica's home site (I think I might now be in the EDEN part of the store mostly). I am a little peeved, to be honest, since this woman is in shadow and you see much more than this in paintings in museums. But whatever, I guess I'll continue to ponder whether or not I want to overhaul a cover I adore in order to be in a single venue when others will carry me without issue.

I think I might have answered my own damn question right there ;-)


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Fight Comics 47 Renée

Let's start with the good news, shall we? Sterling is currently a bestseller in Mystery/Suspense and Vampire/Werewolf on ARe. Super! It is also ranking at #66 today on Bookstrand. (Last night it was #69 which amused me). And it already has 3 ratings (2 4's and a 5 :) ). I am very pleased with my sexy gay werewolves. And I am very thrilled and thankful to readers for making them so popular so fast!

Bad news on the Uncle Ed's Lap and the Father's Keeper front. Despite my titles, both of my books are in essence love stories between two consenting (non-blood related) adults. However, they are falling dead in the culling of anything that even smells of sorta-kinda-maybe incest. So far they are gone from ARe, Bookstrand and if they are not gone from Smashwords yet, they will be soon.

Both titles (print and Kindle) are currently still available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and I believe Fictionwise. So, if you have any interest in getting them. You might want to do it now. We do not know how far this will spread. If you believe in the right to read what you want and some of what you want to read is books like mine, I encourage you to visit The Self Publishing Revolution to learn how you can stand up for your rights.

That being said, if anything, the last few weeks have made me blog more than ever.

Have a great week :-)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy making news

Sterling is a best seller in Mystery/Suspense at ARe. That's a first for me. Great start to my Saturday. If only I didn't have to work. Oh well, at least I'm smiling. :-)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Release day :)

Sterling is up at Excessica, Bookstrand and some other sites. Despite the current upheaval in erotica, it seems to be going up okay at the moment. It's still being loaded, so if you do not see it on your favorite sites, that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I've heard through the grapevine that at least for the time being you must be logged in at ARe to see erotic titles. So if you don't have an account there but want to purchase (or see) your favorite erotic authors work, you have to set up an account. Which is free and takes only a minute, so it's not an unreasonable way to handle things while all the PP backlash is being dealt with.

I do urge you to buy right from Excessica if you can. It's always best to buy right from the source when possible. It means more money out of the cover price goes to your favorite publishers and authors.

TGIF! Trust me, I am glad to see it this week. :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well, the censors are at it again...

A simple Google of Paypal and erotica should tell you what is what. In the rush and excess of "pseudo incest" of the last year, some of my books are probably going to be hard to get or damn near impossible. Despite Uncle Ed's Lap and Father's Keeper very much being erotic romance works where a young woman FALLS FOR her Uncle and in the other a stepdaughter realizes she's been in love with her step father for a very long time (no blood relation/no crime/just unusual love stories), they will be culled along with some of the racier/flashier/in your face titles out there.

I"m not one to place blame, but I truly do think that instead of folks just pushing the envelope and toeing the line, they were leaping over it and beating it with a baseball bat. And this is what happens. Everything that even smells of incest, pseudo or otherwise, is going to start disappearing off your screen.

So, if you love erotica, unusual love stories and the freedom to read what you wish, please speak up. Tell your independent book sellers and ask them to find alternative payment options for 'taboo titles'. Bottom line, if everyone found an alternative way, then the big guys would have to reassess their guidelines and their 'we can do what we like because we are in charge' attitudes.

That being said, I'm going to nostalgically look at some of what's been said about two of my favorite novels. I will also urge you to buy them now if you want them, seeing as this thing is spreading like a cancer and some people are being told that BDSM titles are also a no-no.

Uncle Ed's Lap:

Claudia R., Manic Readers Reviews, 4/5 STARS

"  Wow. This story is most definitely not for the faint of heart…. [T]his story is hot enough to burn the pages, but it also shows that with death you can also have love."

Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews, 4/5 DIVAS

"[Parker Ford] writes scorching hot love scenes to compliment the somber tone of a man dealing with his wife’s death… She has given her readers a near perfect balance… Who can resist the sexy older alpha male? Those alphas are like a fine wine and only get better with age."

 Patrice F., Joyfully Reviewed

"The writing is vivid, sharp, and precise as emotions (guilt, grief, passion) are examined…Overall, Uncle Ed’s Lap kept me engaged…it’s exceptional whenever an author is willing to bring taboo subject matter to life, and do it justice."

LynnMarie, HEA Reviews, 5/5 CUPS

"Parker Ford has mastered the technique of writing sexual tension. It explodes off the pages…The sex was fully described and scorching hot! ... If you want to push the boundaries of your erotic reading experience, Uncle Ed’s Lap is an excellent place to start."

Seriously Reviewed

"The writing is smooth and titillating… Parker did a wonderful job incorporating a taboo subject with arousing sexual content with the sometimes-unexpected places a person can find love and comfort… Don’t shy away from Uncle Ed’s Lap because of the content warning or you will miss out on a wonderful story that will have you sweating with the steamy love scenes and emotionally poignant moments…"

Father's Keeper:

Editorial Reviews:
From Sheila, Two Lips Reviews
Ms. Ford lets me make my own judgment on this very emotional subject. She handles it with dignity. I know I will read her again.
From Seriously Reviewed, 17/20 SCORE!

The words flow off the page and into your mind...I loved this story. It feeds the wicked woman inside me that loves to read about relationships outside of normal. Hot, graphic sex that left me aching, characters that touched my heart and a story that will stay on the keeper shelf with Parker's other works.
From Blackraven, BlackRaven's Reviews, 4/5 RAVENS

Father's Keeper by Parker Ford has everything, passion, raw emotion, pain, anguish, longing, but most importantly love. If you haven't read one of Ms. Ford's book, you should definitely give Father's Keeper a try.
From Claudia R., Manic Readers Reviews, 4.5/5 STARS

Father's Keeper was great from front to back... finished it in one sitting. I cannot wait for another Parker Ford taboo story that pushes the boundaries of sex, passion, and of course, love.
From Thomas, Sizzling Hot Books
...a good read. I loved the way that the author built up the relationship between Jen and her step father... people who like to see a relationship bloom will like this story.

Thursday, January 19, 2012



Very happy.

I'm also very happy it's Friday tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


Friday, January 13, 2012


If I do everything right my M/M werewolf novelette should be out the week of 2/24/12. More to come.

I don't know where you are, but where I am today it is colder than balls.