Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Click Me, Friend Me, Follow Me...Whatever The Kids Are Calling It These Days

Howdy, all. Hope you are well on this frigid Tuesday. We're currently on the East Coast and it is, well...Brrrr sums it up.Check Spelling

I'm playing around with Goodreads right about now. I have screwed it up three times or so. I'll get it. I've contacted them to let them know that I am in fact, well, myself, and to let me have my page. I hear they work pretty fast, so hopefully soon I'll have control of my author page.

What is my point (it seems obvious I need more coffee :) )? My point is, if you are a Goodreads reader be my friend, click my button, follow me, whatever the kids are calling it these days. I was shocked to see how many ratings I already had. And most good. Which makes me heart happy.

Back to work. We leave within the hour.


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