Monday, June 16, 2014

And it's out! Take a trip down Sin Alley all in one bundle!

I'm so happy that Sin Alley (some books were removed from Amazon due to content) is now in a bundle. Down that alley you'll find a couple interested in whips and twins who aim to please and a woman who's more than she seems for Benny who gets off on girls with a little something extra below the belt. All your pleasures can be found by traveling down Sin Alley. You'll save some dough buying in one fell swoop too! Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more info. The content was too hot for Amazon's blurb section.

Coming later this month are the Forbidden Novels. They'll be bundled too (also at a savings). The bundle will include Uncle Ed's Lap, Father's Keeper and Cry Little Sister. All suffered the pseudo incest axe from Amazon. Again, LOOK INSIDE is your friend.

p.s. Sorry I took so long to post. These came out Friday but we've had some power and WiFi issues thanks to some particularly gnarly storms. Hope you are safe and dry wherever you are!

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