Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm coming soon!

Book two of the Sin Alley series comes out at the end of this month. Cray's Den is up on the Coming Soon page at Excessica. The books are all linked by the locale (Sin Alley), but entirely standalone as far as storyline etc. You don't need to read one to read the next. You can mix and match! Pick and choose! I hope to end up with a series that includes just about every kink so people can read about their favorite sexy things.

To find out more about Cray's Den go HERE to see the CS page.

Also, tomorrow I am doing my first ever guest blog at Coffee Fueled Erotica. I'm a guest blog virgin. Part of my resolutions this year was to do that stuff that makes me nervous. Like guest blogs to promote books. :) Tomorrow's the first step!

I hope you'll drop in and see me. In the meantime try not to get blown around by all that crazy wind today!


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