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Guest Post: FaceBook Sex? with a FaceBook Confessions Giveaway By Abby Hayes

I am so awesome I am back with a guest post from Abby Hayes! Merry happy holidays :-D


Guest Post: FaceBook Sex? with a FaceBook Confessions Giveaway By Abby Hayes

So, everyone has heard of phone sex, right? What I want to know is if there is some FaceBook sex going on these days? So let me ask you then, do you know of anyone who uses FaceBook’s chat or messages to talk sex online? I think I may be coining a new term here. *giggles* Just think though of the possibilities! If they used messaging they could include pictures or even videos. I mean in this day and age of webcams, we can watch someone on the other side of the globe masturbate, play with sex toys, or any host of things, and we can watch live as they are talking to us. Why couldn’t FaceBook be used this way?

Yes, we all hear the negative stories, where say a married woman hooked up with her high school sweetheart and broke up her marriage.. But, I’m not talking about that at all!

There are endless positive possibilities here too. I mean there is the obvious, the single gal, lonely for whatever reason, who finds and catches up with a very unattached ex on FaceBook. But, let’s think outside the box a bit more. I want modern and unusual.

Here is the situation I came up with. Two old girlfriends meet. Well, friends is being used loosely here as they were friends when young, but then fell in with different crowds in high school - one of them gaining that questionable reputation. What I ended up with then, was an online friendship, one woman now a stay at home mom with sexual frustrations and the other a newly married woman who prior had lived a life right out of some erotic novel. After some begging and pleading by the stay-at-home mother, the more sexually experienced of the two at first starts sharing her sexual escapades in short statements on FaceBook chat. But, when the new FaceBook friends meet days before their high school reunion, now that is when the fun starts…from the girlfriends playing together in the dressing room of an adult store, to including one husband, to including both husbands. All of this yumminess from a few FaceBook chats about sex? Why not?

So, here is a clip from one of the chats in my novella, Finding Paradise:

Nevaeh Knollinger Wade Led him to room, soon as we got in he pressed me against the wall, his hands felt huge when he ran them down my sides, was wet instantly – god, should I have said that? How many details you want?

Kelly Carver Gordon More details. Spare me nothing. Get graphic! Cock – pussy – wet – I don’t care!

Nevaeh Knollinger Wade LOL!!!! Okay. You asked for it! He tore off my sweater, forced my back harder against the wall, bra disappeared, one nipple he rolled between his fingers, the other he took into his warm mouth, he sucked me in, greedy

Kelly Carver Gordon Like a man desperate for nourishment! No, I don’t read it too much!

Kelly felt her own nipples tighten into stiff peaks. She found herself becoming more aroused noticing the way Nevaeh’s two tiny mounds presented themselves under her dress in her profile picture Then, she quickly turned her eyes to her mug of tea as if she would get caught.

Nevaeh Knollinger Wade Sorry. I’m not being poetic enough for you.

Kelly Carver Gordon No, I was just being goofy trying to make sure you feel comfortable, kept telling me the story :)

Nevaeh Knollinger Wade Okay. Continuing! Threw head back expecting him to go to the other nipple, instead his mouth trailed down over my stomach, pressure was intense, my stomach clenched, his other hand squeezed my other breast at the same time… make sense?

Kelly Carver Gordon I think I get the picture quite clear ;)

Nevaeh Knollinger Wade His touches were pure pleasure bordering on pain, he placed
a kiss on my jean-covered mound, undid my jeans, tore the denim off me in seconds, then he surprised me again, he bit at the cloth of my panties, tugged them away from my flesh with is teeth, then let them snap back against me, several times before pushing aside with his fingers, he spread me open, licked me. I am no writer, but this is fun trying to come up with the words. Maybe I should’ve said, spread open my throbbing pussy lips – I’ve read an erotic romance or two in my day!

Kelly Carver Gordon You are doing an excellent job.

Nevaeh Knollinger Wade Are you wet, my old neighbor/new friend? Are your nipples
hard? Mine are.

Kelly had a moment of feeling weirded-out, and worried about how she would now feel face to face with Nevaeh at the reunion. But, she’d promised she would go. What the hell, now. She continued to play along.

Kelly Carver Gordon Yes. I am wet.

End of clip!

So, what do you think? Have you heard of anyone having FaceBook Sex? Any FaceBook Confessions? If so, leave them in the comments, about your “friend” of course *snickers*. Then, if you would like a chance to win a copy of this ebook, just send an email to abby-hayes@mail.com with FaceBook Confessions in the subject line. One winner will be chosen a week from today :)

Finding Paradise Blurb:

Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel. And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Ménages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.

This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits...

Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if
paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?

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Abby Hayes

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